> UNESCO Chairs/UNITWIN Networks

UNITWIN is the abbreviation for the University Twinning and Networking Programme. The Programme was established in 1992 following the relevant decision of UNESCO’s General Conference taken at its 26th session in 1991. The Programme operates through the establishment of UNESCO chairs, and UNESCO networks which are also designated as UNITWIN projects.

UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks undertake training, research, information sharing and outreach activities in UNESCO major programmes areas: education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture, and communication and information.

They develop a real partnership with UNESCO with active participation and cooperation in evaluating their programme and activities.

Today(by the end of Dec..30, 2010 ), 692 UNESCO Chairs and 68 UNITWIN Networks in 128 countries provide an innovative modality for international academic cooperation, particularly with North-South and North-South-South dimension, and for capacity development. They act as think tanks and bridge builders between research and policy-making, and between academia, civil society, local communities and the productive sector.

By the end of Dec.30, 2010, there are 20 UNESCO Chairs and 1 UNITWIN Network in China.


> UNESCO Chairs/UNITWIN Networks Mission

International University Cooperation promotes intellectual cooperation through twining and other linking arrangements among institutions of higher learning and academics throughout the world to permit access, knowledge sharing within and across borders.

Rooted in its function is to bridge the knowledge gap and substantially reduce the brain drain by assisting the establishment of poles of excellence in Member States.

Thus IUC endeavours to meet emerging challenges in an era of globalization by advancing the use of new information technologies to build capacity and increase knowledge to advance the cause of education, science and technology, social and human sciences, culture and communication.


> Chair Objectives

One of UNESCO’s purposes, set forth in its Constitution, is to contribute to peace and to promote international intellectual cooperation through education, science and culture. The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme aims to be a stimulus for academic mobility and the rapid transfer of knowledge through twinning, networking and other linking arrangements.

In accordance with UNESCO’s Constitution spirit and the goal of UNIWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme, the purpose of UNESCO Chair in Continuing Engineering Education shall be, through the development and implementation of training programmes for engineers and managers, the organization of international/regional/national seminars, and the promotion of technology transfer and co-operation between university and industry,  to contribute to continuing engineering education in China and enable developing countries to benefit from the experience.

Relying on the high-quality education resources in Tsinghua University, and starting from the mission of “Spurring Educational Innovation, Serving Society”, the UNESCO Chair in Continuing Engineering Education will actively conduct chair work combined with Chinese economic development and development strategy.