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3/1970 Graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University
1970-1996 Faculty member, Department of Automation, Tsinghua University
1970-1990 Assistant, Lecturer, Association Professor
Since 1983 10/1983-10/1985, visiting Scholar, Institute of Data Process, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany, doing data communication research; afterwards, frequently visiting abroad, keeping close academic contacts with counterpart scholars in Europe, America, Australia and Asia.
1990- present Professor
1993-present Supervisor for PhD candidates
1993-1994 Deputy Dean, Department of Automation
1994-1996 Dean, Department of Automation
Director, Post-doctoral Center for Automatic Control
2/1997-2/1999 Executive Deputy Chairman, Graduate School, Tsinghua University
Vice Chairman, Academic Degree Appraisal Committee, Tsinghua University
12/1998-present Dean, School of Continuing Education, Tsinghua University
2/1999-2/2004 Vice President, Tsinghua University, in charge of international cooperation and exchanges, development of humanities and social sciences, continuing and distance education and campus information network construction and applications
3/2004-present Vice Chairman, University Council, Tsinghua University
Vice Chairman, Academic Committee,Tsinghua University
Vice Chairman, International Academic Exchange Committee, Tsinghua University
5/2008-10/2010 Council Member and First Vice President, International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE)

Teaching and Research

Since 1970, engaged in teaching and research commitments in the area of electronic technology and automatic control, as well as continuing education after 1998.


·in the area of analog and digital electronic technology for years

Always evaluated as top in university teaching surveys. Published text books, such as,

Problems Answers of Transistor Circuits”, as co-editor in 1970, Post & Telecommunications Press;

Microelectronics: Digital and Analog Circuit and System”(Author: Jacob Millman), as one of the two translators in early 1980s, Peoples Education Press;

National Colleges and Universities Electronic Technology: Compilation of Examination Problems”, Higher Education Press, 1992. Wrote 1.54 million words as Deputy Director of Editorial Board, Electronic Technology Teaching Steering Committee of National Education Committee (Now, Ministry of Education).


·In the area of automation instrument and device (currently, testing technology and automation device)

As the principal investigator, undertook numerous important research projects, including those supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, the Doctoral Research Fund of the National Education Committee (Now, Ministry of Education), the Aeronautic and Astronautic Research Foundation and the industries. The contents of the research projects covered automatic testing, fault diagnosis, electronic systems reliability, also covered the artificial neural networks, image recognition, computer technology and their applications in electrical power, traffic, and others. Obtained many significant results. Published over 80 academic papers (incomplete statistics). Supervised 16 doctoral students, 8 master’s students and 1 postdoctoral fellow.

·Presiding the following 9 research projects in the field of continuing education

1) Pilot Project of Cyber Schools, a China 10th Five-Year Plan key science and technology research project, was launched in 2001 and passed the acceptance check of Ministry of Education (MOE) in Dec. 2004. Part result of the research – large-scale Scalable Network Teaching System was nominated by MOE the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress.

2) Theory and Practice of building up Life-long Learning System in China, a key research project of MOE, was launched in 2002 and has successfully passed the acceptance check of MOE in March 2005. Four applications achieved good practice and demonstration effect and highly valued by experts and local governments.

3) Research on the Operation Mechanism of University Industry Co-Creating Learning Enterprise, a Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project of MOE, was launched in Dec. 2006. It passed acceptance check of MOE and was exempted from final appraisal in the late of May, 2009. It filled the research gap in China and successfully guided the establishment of learning enterprises.

4) Research on Continuing Education in Chinese Higher Education, a cooperative research program with American Association of Continuing Higher Education (ACHE), was launched in 2006 and was completed in 2007. An analysis report on survey data of Continuing Education Organizations in Chinese Higher Education was completed.

5) Research on Market Demand of Chinese Continuing Education, entrusted by China association for science and technology, was jointly finished by School of Continuing Education and School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University. The program passed examination on May 16, 2008 and received high praise. The research result has application prospect and practical significance.

6) Development of Accreditation in Engineering Training and Education (DAETE), entrusted by International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE) in June 2008. Its Chinese version of DAETE based on EFQM was finished by the end of 2008. Based on its model test of eight continuing education institutions in early 2009, a test report of DAETE about Chinese continuing education has been drafted, which laid a foundation for drawing up evaluation standards of Chinese continuing education.

7) Learning Enterprise Consultation Program, entrusted by Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Group Co., Ltd, was launched in 2007 and finished in 2009. Theoretic trainings in leaning organization for the enterprise have been organized and three research reports have been finished since 2007.

8) The Current Situation Survey and Research on Standardization for Education Training Organizations, a MOE’s major subject of national “11th Five-Year Plan" programs, was approved on Nov. 2008 by MOE and is planned to finish in 2011. The program aims to put forward a set of standards with international background and Chinese characteristics to regulate Chinese continuing education institutions.

9)DAETE [2],cooperated with IACEE in Oct. 2010. Part of the project will be researched in 2011, concerning evaluation standardization of continuing education.

Awards Received

1989 The State Special Award for Excellence in Education, National Education Committee (Now, Ministry of Education), China
1991 Awarded the title of “Excellent Returning Visiting Scholar with Outstanding Contributions”, National Education Committee (Now, Ministry of Education) and Ministry of Personnel (Now, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security), China
1991 Awarded the title of “National Model Worker in Education” and a medal of “Teacher of the people”, National Education Committee (Now, Ministry of Education) and Ministry of Personnel (Now, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security), China
1991 Awarded the title of “Excellent Teacher of Beijing”, Beijing Municipal Government, China